With 390 billion trees and over 3 million living species, the Amazon rainforest is the true testament to the majestic beauty and versatility of nature. Hidden in its depths dwells ATTO or the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory, the world’s tallest scientific construction used to study meteorological, chemical and biological processes of interaction between the Amazon forest and the atmosphere.


In this Deep Dive video Florian Wittmann, Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology und Head of the Department of Wetland Ecology, and Eliane Gomes Alves, Biologist at the Max Planck Institute für Biogeochemistry, tell the story of this unique international project, explain why interdisciplinary research is essential to understanding our natural surroundings and how we can use it to prevent the worsening of the climate crisis.

The Deep Dive with Florian Wittmann and Eliane Gomes Alves glances ahead to the public conference ‘Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO) – A German-Brazilian Earth System Research Project‘ on Wednesday 3 NOV 2021 at 3pm via Zoom and on-site at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin. Find further information and how to book your spot here.