The Track

This track is dedicated to highlighting the plurality of perspectives in the Berlin Science Week programme, and in research and academia more generally. It takes a broad approach to the idea of diversity, taking into account not just events which explicitly deal with the issue of diversity, representation, and inclusion, but also events that offer new and unexpected perspectives on the world and our society as  whole. The majority of events take place in English; bilingual or German events are marked as such.

The CAMPUS, organized under the motto “Dare to Know: Our Narratives, Our Future” is a central location for this track. Other events throughout Berlin are also highlighted.

The Events

This transdisciplinary talk will explore complexities and contradictions of “planetary healing” and the use of urban nature as a remedy for human malaise. 

An interactive session on the science of storytelling and how it is connected to Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management and Decision Making.

A live recording of the podcast “Purple Code”, that seeks to shed light on the intricate relationship between digital technologies and systems of oppression.

This seminar explores the role of specialized educational centers in Eastern and Southern Africa in fostering scientific innovation and addressing region-specific challenges.

A framework for knowledge ownership that challenges the mechanisms of ownership in modern society. 

Was kann man tun, wenn man von Machtmissbrauch betroffen ist? Was sollte man tun, wenn man den Verdacht hat, dass jemand seine Macht missbraucht? Im Panel Talk werden wir uns mit den Rechten und Pflichten aller Beteiligten befassen und mit wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen darüber diskutieren, wie man Rahmenbedingungen schaffen kann, in denen Machtmissbrauch keine Chance hat.

Greater biodiversity enhances stability and robustness in ecosystems, species, and individuals. However, the question arises: do similar principles apply to the research ecosystem? We aim to explore the impact of team diversity, or the lack thereof, on the rigor, reliability, robustness, and transparency of research.


How can an artificially intelligent system even have a gender bias? In this event, we will talk about how bias existing in the real world gets mirrored in AI-based systems, with a focus on gender bias and what this means for girls and women.

04 november – 11:30-13:00: Introducing: The Breathless Choir | CAMPUS

In this workshop, participants are invited to imagine speculative futures through the process of breathing. What might a future look like in which breathing has become more difficult?

Soapbox Science Berlin and LGBTQ+ in STEM Berlin collaborate to curate a selection of short talks under the theme of cultivating diversity and embracing our differences. Our women* and LGBTQ+ speakers come from an exciting range of research backgrounds from microbiology to urban planning, psychology to climate science.

  • 04 november – 13:30-15:00: UNITED: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Education | CAMPUS 

The speakers will shed light on the challenges they’ve encountered and conquered along the way, emphasizing the profound importance of inclusive education and diversity in learning environments.

What does it mean to bring impressions and representations from one place to another? Whose stories are being heard and whose are being lost? Which possibilities exist beyond anthropocentric-storytelling to include more-than human actors?

Collections and archives are places, that (re)produce worldviews and hegemonic perspectives, or conversely, focus on marginalized artistic expressions or stories of resistance. Building upon the long history of conflicts concerning the politics of collecting, the event scrutinizes the dynamic between museums, academic science, and artistic or activist endeavors.

Reflections on spatial, social, and language barriers around refugee accommodations in Berlin. 

The symposium gathers the 2023 Winners of the Falling Walls Global Call for Nominations in the Social Sciences and Humanities category as well as experts and early-career researchers to discuss the most pressing issues and recent breakthroughs in sociology, cultural studies, and humanities.

Scientific podcasters who challenge conventional thinking discuss opportunities and challenges of podcasting for transformations. 

The term “race” is multifaceted and perceived differently across the globe. It is also uniquely expressed, interpreted, and challenged across cultures and ethnicities. This session will highlight the various meanings, interpretations and nuances of the concept of race when examined through a global lens.

  • 08 NOVEMBER – 16:00-17:00: Berlin Diversithon | Rahel Hirsch Center for Translational Medicine (EN, DE)

Only 18% of biographies in English and German in Wikipedia are about women. Futhermore, there is also an underrepresentation of certain ethnicities and people of color in the life sciences in Wikipedia. Our Diversithon is looking to change this imbalance – and we need your support!

Drawing from our research on cardiovascular diseases, host-microbiome interaction, neuroscience and health psychology, we aim to emphasize the critical importance of considering sex and gender in health-related contexts.

This is the night for everyone who loves to cross borders and open the mind. Enjoy sharp-witted debates about Arts, Natural Sciences and Political Systems between provocative thinkers in their field.

TGIF! Grab a drink and join us as we take a closer look at the science behind our favorite social gatherings. The event is a series of mini talks by women* and LGBTQ+ researchers. We’ll explore topics like the biology behind dancing, raves as psychologically-altering rituals, sustainable partying and much more.