The 8th edition of Berlin Science Week opened up new avenues for exploration and collaboration. It was a celebration of science and its diversity – of topics, approaches, perspectives, and applications.

With record-breaking attendance numbers, new experimental formats, and a second central location, we proved once again the importance of fostering dialogue and exchange. The ten festival days brought together over 35,000 participants, 500 speakers, and 180 organisations in over 200 events, both in person and on-line!


On November 3 and 4, the Museum für Naturkunde hosted the fourth edition of the Berlin Science Week’s lively festival center, CAMPUS.

10,000 people came together to be inspired by science and to discuss this year’s motto “Dare to Know: Our Narratives, Our Futures”. In over 70 events and around 20 temporary exhibitions, we addressed the question of which narratives currently determine our image of the future, what influences them and who creates them or has not yet had a say in them.


This year, for the first time, we introduced a second central location. Organised under the motto “Dare to Know: Creative Science, Precise Art”, the FORUM was dedicated to the interaction of scientific rigor and artistic creativity. 

The FORUM was inaugurated with a festive vernissage and was open for the entire duration of Berlin Science Week. With over 30 formats – from Tiny Galleries, workshops and science slams to concerts and performances – more than 11,000 visitors were able to experience Art & Science projects in a multi-sensory way.

A special highlight was the Club Night at the end of this year’s Berlin Science Week. Throughout the evening, we dedicated ourselves scientifically to the topic “Science of Parties/Raves” and celebrated science as well as raves as an integral part of Berlin with DJ*anes and performers!


If you don’t want Berlin Science Week 2023 to be over, didn’t have the chance to take part, or simply want to take another look: here are some digital events that were streamed or recorded for you to (re)watch. 

Explore the intersection of art, science, and the tropics in a dynamic dialogue on the planet’s well-being with “Art in dialogue with 100 Years of tropical science”, envision the future of our climate with “Klimatag der Zukunftsorte”, discover the power of international scientific cooperation at the “Mexican Science Day”, or revisit the many events that were livestreamed from our CAMPUS

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