Berlin Science Week 2021 – Dare To Know

Still in the light of the pandemic, 2021 has challenged Berlin Science Week, our partners as well as our entire community to remain flexible, innovative, and resilient. After two years of exploring ‘the new normal’ – between abstract and tangible, idealistic and realistic – we can conclude: new challenges are always followed by new solutions.

We are truly grateful for all those who have given us unprecedented support in these turbulent times. However, 2021 has shown us that we must continuously find new ways to bring our best.

Starting the year with a lot of uncertainty, we managed to reach the next milestone together with over 150 participating organisations: On 1 November, the 6th edition of Berlin Science Week kicked off with a programme of over 200 events digitally and on-site, and over 600 speakers from around the world – more events than ever before.

Highlights 2021

With a great variety of formats from in-person to hybrid and digital events, people and organisations from around the world got involved. The 6,000+ on-site visitors, together with 27,000+ digital event visits created a vibrant network – promoting scientific excellence and pushing hot debates, driven by curiosity and innovative exchange.

We are always aiming at developing new, interactive and fun ways to make science, research and innovation accessible to curious minds: Following this mission, the team succeeded in creating the second edition of the Berlin Science Week Campus at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. As a two-day event on 5 and 6 November, we transformed the museum into the vibrant festival hub with more than 30 hybrid events, interactive exhibitions and networking opportunities for more than 5000 visitors.

Recorded Events 2021

We are glad and grateful for contributions from science-driven organisations and initiatives such as the Climate Change Center, Berlin University Alliance, ETH Zurich, Light Art Space, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Tohoku University, Futurium, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité, Falling Walls Foundation, 3M, SAPEA Science Advice for Policy by European Academies, Gropius Bau, Quantum Valley Lower Saxony, European Research Council, Berlin Research 50, and many others.

At a time when facts are being questioned, concerns about our planetary future rise and social discourse is shifting apart, we are convinced that a platform for engaging in dialogue about the present and future of the world is more important than ever.

This being said, we hope to see you at Berlin Science Week 2022!

Further Material

For the year in retrospect 2021, you can download the programme, the final report and the press review here.

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