Every year, between 1–10 November, Berlin becomes a nexus for celebrating scientific excellence, knowledge and discovery, and promoting innovative exchange. We bring together more than 500 speakers, over 150 organisations and an audience exceeding 20,000 during the ten festival days.

The festival combines in person formats throughout Berlin with online and hybrid events. Our focus is on exchange and reflection: the programme is based on interactive and often interdisciplinary formats ranging from panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, to VR-experiences, film screenings, music installations and much more. Internationally renowned scientists and institutions contribute to topic tracks reflecting the current challenges and debates in science and society.


Get ready for engaging and innovative inputs from all walks of science delivered through state-of-the-art science communication formats. You’ll find Berlin Science Week events at the Berlin Science Week CAMPUS at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, at the ART & SCIENCE Forum at Holzmarkt 25, at countless other locations all over Berlin as well as on the Kulturzug to Poland. We also feature many online and hybrid events, to ensure access and facilitate international participation.



Once again, we are transforming the impressive building of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin into the Berlin Science Week CAMPUS, our festival centre in the heart of Berlin. Run under the motto “Dare to Know: Our Narratives, Our Futures”, the CAMPUS will be a place for shifting the perspective on the future and re-evaluating our collective approach to the great questions of our time. Join the discussion and contribute your perspective towards better understanding our present and future and enacting meaningful change! Find out more information here.

For the first time ever, we are introducing our ART & SCIENCE Forum in collaboration with Holzmarkt 25. Organised under the motto “Dare to Know: Creative Science, Precise Art”, the FORUM is dedicated to exploring the productive exchange between the rigor of scientific research and the creative drive of artistic practice. A diverse range of formats will illustrate the unique potential of scientific projects that embrace the emotional and aesthetic as methods for innovative engagement – from art installations, science slams, and artist talks, to comedy shows, workshops and live performances, an art fair and finally, a night-long party. If we’ve sparked your interest, read more about the FORUM here.



Research, science, and innovation do have the potential to help solve the challenges the world is facing, but only if they are accessible to all and are applied wisely. We firmly believe that collaboration, dialogue, and reflection are key to a sustainable future. 

With Berlin Science Week, we have created a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary exchange, a meeting place for the visionaries and the science enthusiasts and a space for reflection on where we’re heading and how we want to get there. 

Berlin Science Week is also a laboratory for science communication. Our ambition is to experiment with science communication formats to find the best ways for making science and technology accessible, entertaining and attractive. Our vision is a world of science-literate citizens with a fact-based world-view, where science curiosity is a natural part of our lifestyle.


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