Welcome to Berlin Science Week, where curiosity knows no bounds! From 1 — 10 November, our annual science festival transforms the city into a vibrant hub of exploration and exchange. With 200 events spanning diverse locations in the city – from universities and lecture halls to bars, museums, and cinemas – we bring science to life in unexpected ways.


With Berlin at heart, we embody internationalism, openness, creativity, intelligence, diversity, and inspiration. We believe science is for everyone, breaking down barriers and inspiring discovery. Don’t be intimidated – science is an exciting journey, and we’re here to prove it.


Engage with over 150 participating organisations, delve into socially relevant topics, and witness the convergence of scientific excellence with captivating formats. Berlin Science Week is not just an event; it’s an invitation to connect with great minds, get inspired, and actively shape a better today. Join the conversation, spark new perspectives, and celebrate the exhilarating fusion of knowledge and joy alongside our 35,000 visitors!


We actively encourage and seek out inter- and transdisciplinary contributions, to showcase the diversity of approaches to and the complexity of science and the current challenges of our time. The event contributions are driven by topics such as climate protection and justice, a growing platform economy, advances in AI and machine learning, the future of food, an ever transforming urban society, prospects of digital healthcare, ideas for a circular economy, promotion of equality, a shift to sustainable building, support for science entrepreneurship and further matters, which also address what it means to learn and work in the scientific landscape.


Please visit our Get Involved page if you would like to participate in the 2024 edition of Berlin Science Week. 

Highlights 2023


In addition to various locations throughout Berlin and online events, we invite you to convene at our two central venues – CAMPUS and FORUM.

At the CAMPUS, housed within the iconic Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, immerse yourself in a whirlwind of intellectual discovery on 1 – 2 Nov and introduce your organisation to thousands of visitors of diverse backgrounds. Engage in insightful workshops, join lively discussions, explore thought-provoking exhibitions, and dive deep into the heart of scientific exploration.


Transition to the Science & Culture FORUM at Holzmarkt 25, where artists and scientists unite from 1 – 10 November. From 3 – 8 Nov, organise your Partner Event and place your organisation at the center of Culture & Science. On 9 – 10 Nov, for the very first time, we will host a carefully curated invited programme. Experience the synergy of creative forces through performances, readings, concerts, happenings, and a grand closing party. 


Our Festival Hubs are run under the motto “Common Ground”. This theme is a call to action. Amid a significant election year and growing concerns over misinformation and polarisation, we encourage participants to step out of their echo chambers, question personal beliefs, and embrace new perspectives. 

We invite you to craft events that challenge assumptions, biases, and (mis)perceptions shaping public opinion, reminding us of the urgent need to re-connect with the empirical backbone that science provides. Additionally, we welcome topics shedding light on overlooked areas in scientific pursuits, where limited viewpoints hinder comprehensive understanding.

Our goal is to foster reflective conversations, deepen appreciation for diverging perspectives, and establish common ground for constructive discourse. Let’s come together to celebrate the pivotal role of science in shaping a collaborative and informed society.

An inspiring Science Festival

Berlin Science Week was established in 2016 on the backdrop of the international Falling Walls Science Summit, which takes place annually on 7–9 November in Berlin. The Summit honours the year’s best scientific breakthroughs and provides the stage to discuss solutions science may offer in combating the biggest challenges of our time. With renowned scientists and global leaders from politics, business and media in town, we sought to share the achievements, impulses and impacts created by the global science community beyond the walls of the Summit.

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