Balancing sustainability challenges versus scientific advancement and innovation in the Pharma Industry

The global Pharmaceutical Industry has a long road ahead towards reaching its sustainability goals. For example, this industry is still more emission-intensive than automobile production! While the COVID-19 pandemic has proven Pharma`s robustness and flexibility in successfully meeting unprecedented challenges, the question remains: does it exploit its full potential when it comes to manufacturing and providing access to affordable medicines to patients around the world? On a more holistic level, has the Pharma Industry sufficiently defined a comprehensive and transparent sustainability strategy for a better future of our planet?

NUVISAN is a Science Contract Research Organization and – as part of its mission to shape the future of healthcare for everyone – supports its partners and clients with drug discovery and development capabilities. The proposed moderated panel discussion will explore these important questions with active participation from the audience. Join stakeholders from the various pharmaceutical sectors that take part in a hybrid round-table discussion to interactively present, debate, and get feedback on various approaches that can and should be taken for a sustainable NOW and FUTURE. 

This event was part of Berlin Science Week 2022 and organized by NUVISAN.