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Our Diversity, Our Future

Soapbox Science Berlin, LGBTQ STEM Berlin | Bengisu Berispek, Ale Garin-Fernandez, Aranzazu Arias-Rojas, Manisha Biswas, Neher Aseem Parimoo, Subham Mukherjee

Join us at the Campus as we explore our future through diversity with short talks from women* and LGBTQ+ researchers.

Soapbox Science Berlin and LGBTQ+ in STEM Berlin collaborate to curate a selection of short talks under the theme of cultivating diversity and embracing our differences. Our women* and LGBTQ+ speakers come from an exciting range of research backgrounds from microbiology to urban planning, psychology to climate science.

No powerpoint, no lecturing! Join us for this relaxed talk format, in which researchers explain their work in just 10 minutes, whilst standing on soapboxes outside the entrance of Campus – Naturkundemuseum, followed by open time for questions and dialogue.

This event promises to be an engaging fusion of science, inclusivity, and forward-thinking. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the power of knowledge, connection, and diversity in shaping the world we inhabit. Whether you’re a science enthusiast, an advocate for women* and LGBTQ+ representation in research, or simply curious about the multifaceted nature of our future, this event welcomes all to engage in meaningful conversations and broaden horizons.

Our speakers’ topics:

🌱 Queering the Urban Ecosystem

Call for a radical shift in urban sustainability by embracing diverse perspectives, particularly LGBTQ+ voices, to challenge traditional ecological norms. Discover inclusive urban planning, where interdisciplinary research challenges heteronormative biases in geosciences. Learn how queer communities contribute to climate resilience for a more just, sustainable, and inclusive urban future.

🦠 Microbial Diversity

Dive into the microscopic realm and uncover the astonishing variety of life forms that thrive all around us. From the depths of oceans to the soil beneath our feet, explore the hidden worlds of microbes and their significance for our planet’s health.

🤝 Rituals and Perspectives

Immerse yourself in the world of rituals and their potential to synchronize and reshape our individual perspectives. Explore how ancient practices can inspire new ways of thinking and foster a deeper sense of connection with our surroundings.

🌍 Breaking Barriers: Climate & Sustainability

Discover strategies to engage participants in sustainability, focusing on climate education and impactful student projects. Learn how these methods boost commitment to sustainability practices.

🧬 Paving the Way to Lifelong Health

Unravel the mysteries of extended, healthy lifespans. Delve into the intricate molecular world of host-microbe interactions, with a focus on microbiota and host immunity. Explore the use of advanced genetic technologies in the fruit fly model to investigate how microbiota alterations drive inflammatory processes, including ageing.

💃🌟🕺 Narratives of Discovery: Empowering Diversity in Science

Delve into the the ever-evolving narrative of scientific discovery. Explore who drives this narrative, what knowledge is essential, and how can we create a future where diverse voices shape scientific discovery? Dare to know and be part of a more inclusive scientific journey.


This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week CAMPUS. Admission is free.

Information about the physical accessibility of the Museum für Naturkunde can be found here.

About the Venue
Invalidenstraße 43
Berlin, Berlin 10115 Germany

Bengisu Berispek


Aranzazu Arias-Rojas

Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology

Manisha Biswas

Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University

Neher Aseem Parimoo

Journal of Science, Humanities, and Arts (JOSHA)

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