In this Deep Dive video, Luisa von Albedyll, sea ice physicist from Alfred Wegener Institut, explains how ice thickness influences the global climate and tells about her experiences during the MOSAiC expedition in the Arctic.

Sea ice is melting at a faster pace than predicted before – some studies show there will be no ice during the summer season in the Arctic in the years to come. Luisa von Albedyll studies the physical processes that explain how sea ice thickness changes in the current climate conditions. Sea ice is not stable, it moves constantly and experiences different states from freezing, melting, converging and colliding with other sea ice masses. As part of the MOSAiC expedition, Luisa and her colleagues studied ice in the Arctic to better understand the dynamics of the processes that will enable better climate prediction modeling.

Despite the alarming prognosis of rapid ice melting, Luisa’s prediction models show that we can reverse the process if we collectively commit to environmental protection measures.

Luisa von Albedyll was present at Berlin Science Week with a contribution in the event “Wie das Meer dem Klima helfen kann” on Friday, 4 NOV 2022 at the Berlin Science Week CAMPUS in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.