RE-VOLUTION of the working relationship between humans and machines in the AI Age

The future of robotics and machine learning will be about how humans and machines can form the best teams. From robotics and biology to law and art, they can, and will, relate to each other in many different ways. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the scientific discovery process. And, more profoundly, it is altering our understanding of the fundamentals of human creativity. We should not be sizing up the potential of humans nor machines in isolation. Designers must investigate solutions whereby humans and machines complement each other, maximizing the potential of both. We need to develop and build interactive human-machine platforms to challenge conventional approaches.

This event is part of ETH Zurich’s RETHINKING LIVING campaign. We are all feeling massive change across just about every aspect of our lives. Climate change, the destruction of biodiversity, the coronavirus pandemic and technological disruptions present threats, but more importantly, an opportunity to focus on grand challenges, to embrace deeper meaning, and to rediscover overlooked aspects of our lives. RETHINKING LIVING convenes scientists, industry experts and outstanding global thinkers from ETH Zurich and across the world.

This event was part of Berlin Science Week 2022 and organized by ETH Zürich.