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Unravelling the Mind

witch ‘n’ monk

Rethinking intelligence: is it time to give up our 'big brain' superiority complex? An immersive multisensorial performance by award-winning music duo Witch 'n' Monk.

With a moving stage and state-of-the-art video animation, Witch ’n‘ Monk use explosive live music to create a narrative that explores the hidden genius of brainless organisms.

The scientific community’s latest obsession is the unicellular organism known as ‚Slime Mould‘, whose bizarre abilities include solving complex mazes and redesigning intricate transport networks better and faster than highly trained engineers. But the question is: how do they do it?

‚Unravelling the Mind‘ is a unique and immersive experience that connects science and the senses, placing nature at the centre of our value system.
*Germany Premiére*


Witch ’n’ Monk is a Berlin-based duo made up of genre escape-artists Mauricio Velasierra and Heidi Heidelberg. They combine Velasierra’s wild arsenal of electrified Latin flutes with Heidelberg’s percussive guitar/bass hybrid and virtuosic vocals. Together they generate an explosive mixture of heavy grooves, deep basslines, intricate melodies and unhinged improvisations. Their compositions travel boldly beyond genre definitions, creating an unpredictable musical world entirely of their own.

Their eponymous album was released on John Zorn’s Tzadik imprint and was named The Guardian’s ‘Contemporary Album of the Month’.

„Hard to imagine that voice, guitar and flute could groove so hard and deliver so much…There’s nothing else around quite like Witch ‘n’ Monk. It goes further than just genre-dodging, however. There’s real depth, emotional and spiritual heft to these songs. They could hardly be more of the moment.” (The Wire)

“Shamanic, unearthly joy.” (The Guardian, Contemporary Album of the Month)


This is an in-person event. If you would like to attend, please book your tickets here.

This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week Art & Science FORUM at Holzmarkt and will be held in the Säälchen. The location is wheelchair accessible.

Über den Veranstaltungsort
Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin Germany

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