OVID Clinics Berlin



Sergio Pérez Rosal is a medical doctor specialized in anesthesia, intensive care, emergencies, and cannabis-based medicine. He is CEO and Co-founder of the OVID Clinics, the first psychedelic medicine clinic in Germany. Sergio is part of the MIND Foundation board as a Medical and Training Advisor.
Currently, he is training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and doing a master’s degree in Neuroscience and Psychology at Kings College London.

During his time as MIND Academy Director, he organized public talks about psychedelic science and lead the development of educational programs, such as MOLECULES, an extensive program for professionals interested in a transdisciplinary approach to psychedelics.
Sergio has broad experience giving practical workshops on Integration, training on drug-related emergencies, and mindfulness interventions in psychotherapy.

He is part of the core faculty of the MIND Foundation´s “Augmented Psychotherapy Training” (APT), a 2-year program providing professionals with the knowledge and skills to practice psychedelic-augmented psychotherapy and psychedelic integration therapy in a legal, safe, and evidence-based framework.

Sergio is convinced that the effects of psychedelic substances on mental health and human development go beyond their mere pharmacology. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize procedures and educate professionals in a scientific, secular, and inclusive manner.