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++CANCELLED++ The oceanic Origins of two biological Reactions that changed the World

German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research, Embassy of Israel, berlin | Ilana Berman-Frank, Wolfgang R. Hess

 Ancient oceanic bacteria – keeping us alive today and in the future.

The most fundamental biological processes for life and climate occur in the oceans. Oceanographers and marine microbiologists employ a combination of research vessels, satellites, and cutting-edge technologies to delve into the ancient bacterial pathways that continue to play a pivotal role in today’s and future oceans.

These two key reactions are photosynthesis (which converts carbon dioxide into sugar), and nitrogen fixation (a process that converts atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia), which are responsible for fertilizing the oceans, and increasing productivity.  Photosynthesis not only contributes a significant portion of the oxygen we breathe but also captures carbon dioxide, fueling growth and forming the basis of marine food webs. These photosynthesizing oceanic bacteria are also key players in buffering the climate change by removing the increasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Prof. Berman-Frank and Prof. Hess will discuss how these bacterial populations, and their game-changing pathways have sustained past, present, and hopefully future oceans and Earth and the importance of maintaining a healthy and sustainable ocean environment.



Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

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Ilana Berman-Frank

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