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The Comfort of the Trivial

Felix Ruckert, Rüdiger Wenk | Felix Ruckert, Rüdiger Wenk, Kaspar Dornfeld, Florian Leitner

The Trivial of Cybernetics!

The installation brings together a dance performance and an academic lecture. Its purpose is to construct a complex cybernetic system of mutual influence.

Felix Ruckert’s solo dance performance explores opportunism with space and design, applying performance concepts such as presence, attitude, and resonance in simple dances. He will embrace the concept of the machine, composing serial choreographic interventions and indulging in repetition with frequent pauses.

The starting point is an academic lecture by Dr. Florian Leitner about scholarly and artistic thought, their congruities and differences. It will take place in a separate room.

The audio signal of the lecture will be transmitted into the performance space, where the topics of the lecture will be approached from the artistic side through performance. The sound of the lecture will serve as a sound source and control signal for a cybernetic algorithm within the modular system of Rüdiger Wenk. The movement and the sound of the performance will in turn be transmitted back into the lecture room and thus influence the academic talk itself as well as its perception.

Another level is added by Kaspar Dornfeld, who, on the one hand, will take care of the signal transmission and, on the other hand, will create a multi-camera setup (with video recording) whose cuts and cross-fades will not be decided and implemented by a human director, but will be controlled by parameters that will be partly predetermined, partly measured in real-time.

The audience on site will be allowed to move freely within the different spaces during the entire duration of the performance.


This is an in-person event. If you would like to attend, please book your tickets here.

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