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Art Laboratory Berlin, Slowenisches Kulturzentrum Berlin – SKICA Berlin | Saša Spačal

Artist Talk with artist Saša Spačal about her new artwork (moderated by Regine Rapp)

Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to an artist talk with bio media artist Saša Spačal who will talk about her newly produced artwork TERRA XENOBIOTICA (2023) based on her current artistic research.

Terra Xenobiotica delves into the soil life hidden beneath the ceaseless traffic of airports – dense nodes of western human civilisation. Toxins are seeping into the ground, creating unfamiliar lands that call for different kinds of stewards – the ones who navigate and nurture, rather than gatekeep or extract. As humanity remains locked in an ongoing cycle, a holding pattern of take-offs and landings, the notion of a final landing lurks in an unimaginable distant future. These worlds have been studied, analysed, measured, quantified, databased and archived. It appears that everything is, or soon will be, known. At this moment, all that is left is to listen to the sonic incantations of transforming lands, strange chants generated by the artificial-intelligence-powered machines of loving care.” (Saša Spačal)

Terra Xenobiotica by Saša Spačal was realised through a collaborative effort with cultural theorist Ali Sperling and was supported and produced by Art Laboratory Berlin. Additional support comes from the Rillig Lab , Plant Ecologies at the Institut für Biologie, Freie Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and SKICA Berlin.

The event is a collaboration between Art Laboratory Berlin and Slowenisches Kulturzentrum Berlin – SKICA Berlin.


This is an in-person event. If you would like to attend, please register book your spot with register@artlaboratory-berlin.org.

Art Laboratory Berlin is wheelchair-accessible. We are also happy to welcome visually impaired visitors. Please contact us for any further request: info@artlaboratory-berlin.org.

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