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Preparing for Tomorrow: Education and Training for the Era of Transformation

At the first STEAMUP EDUCATION! Conference, we will focus on alternative approaches to education and training for the age of transformation.

In a world of rapid technological progress and unprecedented social change, we see constant struggle between tradition and innovation. To meet these challenges, we must also rethink education and training. Live-long learning is the foundation for developing and applying new technologies. We face the daunting task of equipping people of all ages with the skills to meet the demands of the coming decades in the employment sector of all industries.

Traditional education structures cannot keep up with the rapid pace of change. We need to look beyond conventional systems and learn from thriving ecosystems to meet the needs of tomorrow. We must accelerate the adaptation of education to new requirements and promote lifelong learning. New perspectives and unconventional approaches must be explored to complement traditional education. We must create out-of-school opportunities and spaces for continuous learning for children, youth, and adults.

At STEAMUP EDUCATION, we want to share ideas on how companies can discover talent today to develop the workforce of tomorrow. We want to explore innovative strategies such as recruitainment to identify and retain promising apprentices and young talent. We will learn about the “Scouting & Training” concept, inspired by the world of sports, where successful sports clubs take responsibility for developing young talent. We challenge the status quo by discovering ideas from successful role models to strengthen the education system and create out-of-school learning spaces beyond traditional boundaries.

In our first year, we will focus on transformation in aviation and aerospace. This sector is just experiencing a disruptive transition already clearly visible in road transportation. The need to reach distant places quickly and efficiently is offset by massive resource consumption and CO2 emissions. Technology creates solutions. We discuss how to educate people to develop and apply such solutions for our future.


Program: 14 – 17 PM

– Introduction to the conference, topic and DroneMasters Academy
– Greetings words and keynote from Erasmus+ representative
– Presentation: Education and training of personnel for hybrid and electrical VTOL – A conceptual approach for future flight safety
– Overview and results of the AMTECH research project https://www.amtechtraining.eu/
– A stakeholder perspective: Best practices of recruiting and training the future (OEM, MRO, VET-provider
– Tentative: contributions from EASA and EUROCAE Working group Next Aviation Generation Professionals
– Introduction of the AMTECH occupational profile, curriculum and the European Aviation Aerospace Mechatronics Passport
– Closing remarks, networking and experience



This is an in-person event. If you would like to attend, please register here.

About the Venue
SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10
Berlin, Berlin 10587 Germany

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