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Queen’s Lecture 2023

Britische Botschaft, British Council, Technische Universität Berlin | Winfried Hensinger

Constructing the world’s most incredible machines: Quantum Computers

Making use of strange phenomena of quantum physics, such as superposition and entanglement (referred to by Einstein as spooky), it is possible to build computers that can solve important industry problems in a few hours, that would require millions of years on even the fastest supercomputer. Such problems include optimising financial transactions, creating new medicines, making aircraft engines more fuel efficient, simulate chemical reactions, breaking codes but really span across nearly any industry sector. The realisation of practical quantum computers will likely change the world we work and live in.

The challenge to build practical quantum computers capable of solving such problems has been described as a holy grail in science. Current quantum computers can only operate with around 100 quantum bits while most industry applications would require millions of quantum bits.


This is an in-person event. If you would like to attend, please register here by 06 NOVEMBER.

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