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Rüdiger Wenk

What does sound actually feel like?

This sound-feeling lounger was created as part of a joint inclusion project by the OSTRALE – Center for Contemporary Art and the sound artist Rüdiger Wenk.

With the help of this lounger, people with a limited sense of hearing can perceive in real time how a plant sounds, as well.

Sonification information is obtained from the plant itself, the soil, and the environment via sensors.

Divided into partial areas of the “lying surface,” acoustic signals are set into oscillation via structure-borne sound transducers. In this way, an individual vibration pattern is created for each plant and each environment, with the help of which we can immerse ourselves in the world of those who hear differently.


– Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit association organizing and providing a platform for the OSTRALE Biennale and the base for the yearly Artist in Residence programs, smaller exhibition series, projects, educational programs, and events between the Biennales. …https://ostrale.de/en/

The Nature Parkour

in the OSTRALE.Basis is an educational path in our art garden with a focus on our natural environment and its sustainable approach. Eleven graphically and contentwise developed panels lead through our grounds in a mediating manner. The path invites us to wander and look, learn, participate, and imitate. It can be accessed and used by the public free of charge.

The Nature Parkour project has created a socio-cultural space for encounters and participation and a community space for workshops, readings, films, and cooking in our district. A haven of cultural dialogue that can overcome social exclusion and global challenges to build social bridges….https://ostrale.de/en/Projects/Aktion-Mensch.html


This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week Art & Science FORUM at Holzmarkt and will be held in the Säälchen. The location is wheelchair accessible.

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