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Pascal Jarchow’s p{e}_x [large ensemble] at the unidad.salgan festival

unidad.saglan studio, Universität der Künste, Jazz Institut Berlin | Pascal Jarchow

At the evening concert, the bassist and composer Pascal Jarchow will  present his new project p{e}_x [large ensemble].

The ensemble, composed of people from various musical fields, which develops the pieces of composer, double bassist and director Pascal Jarchow, functions as a direct further development of past line-ups of this format. The starting point is the assumption that constancy is not synonymous with rigidity, that change does not exclude rigidity, and that constancy can be based on change, that at the same time it embraces not potential abstractions but actual fundamental phenomena.


Irma Neumüller Broth – voice
Johannes Schwarting – alto saxophone
Isak Ingvarsson – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Tobias Bech Lauesen – trumpet
Liam Ellion – trombone
Antonia Huber – piano
Frederik Seeba – piano
Valentin Gottlob – piano
Johannes Elnan – double bass
Yegor Svetlov – double bass
Mia Ohlmeier – drumset

Pascal Jarchow (Lübeck, 2001) is a composer and double bass player from Berlin and is currently preparing to graduate from the Berlin University of the Arts. His activities were founded in various ensembles from traditional big band instrumentation to large non-specific ensembles and his quartet to solo work on the double bass. In addition, he is fundamentally involved in the development of the unidad.salgan studio for contemporary and improvised music.

Pascal Jarchow at the unidad.salgan studio:





This is an in-person event. Attending the event is free of charge and requires no registration.

This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week Art & Science FORUM at Holzmarkt and will be held in the Salöön. The location is wheelchair accessible.

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Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin Germany

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