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++CANCELLED++ From excellent Research to Application with Fraunhofer Innovation Platform at Tel Aviv University

German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research, Embassy of Israel, berlin | Bat-El Pinchasik, Sabine Trupp

Bioinspired miniaturized robots: shaping the path to the future

Various small animals, specifically insects, are subjected to interfacial forces, dominant at scales of a few millimeters and weights of up to a few grams. Specifically, capillary forces at interfaces acting between liquids and solids in air or between gas bubbles and solid surfaces underwater. These forces may be deadly for small insects. However, they can be also used for propulsion and locomotion and help insects and other animals survive and adapt to their environment. The ability to control forces at interfaces opens many opportunities to mimic natural systems and miniaturize robots toward the millimeter scale.
To this end, new materials, mechanical designs, propulsion and adhesion mechanisms are needed.

Dr. Pinchasik and Dr. Trupp will give insights on how excellent research can successfully be transferred to application.



Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

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Apartment Bar
Heidestrasse 62, AMANO Grand Central · 10557 Berlin

Bat-El Pinchasik

Tel Aviv University

Sabine Trupp

Fraunhofer High Performance Center Secure Intelligent Systems Munich LZSiS

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