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Science Gallery Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin | Niamh Schmidtke, R. Johannes Giebel, Michael D. Fowler

A Conversation Bridging Science and Art

Join us for an engaging panel discussion that explores the rich intersections of science and art. Our panelists from TU Berlin, Niamh Schmidtke, artist-in-residence with the EARTH WATER SKY program*, Dr. Johannes Giebel, custodian of the Mineral Collections, and Dr. Michael Fowler, an advocate and facilitator of art-science projects at Science Gallery, have collaborated over the past year and will reflect on this emerging field.

Beginning with the multifaceted world of minerals, geoscience, scientific inquiry, and artistic expression, we will discuss knowledge practices, methods, and intriguing intersections within the domains of science and art. Delve with us into the nuanced differences between implicit and explicit knowledge and their applications in both fields. Explore the concept of (deep) time and its profound significance for both science and art. Our discussion will also question where the limitations of knowledge and practice in science and art lie, while uncovering the influence of narratives and meta-narratives in these disciplines.

Finally, gain insights into the motivations that drive individuals to engage in science-art collaborations. Join us on this intellectual journey as we bridge the worlds of science and art, unraveling the mysteries of knowledge, creativity, and collaboration.

Following this conversation, please join us as we open the Science Gallery’s work-in-progress exhibition “Ode to Mineralogy” in the UNI_VERSUM exhibition space at TU Berlin. This exhibition can be subsequently visited Monday – Friday from 11:00 – 15:00 o´clock until November 30, 2023. The final exhibition concluding the EARTH residency will be in May/June 2024.

* The art and environmental sciences research residency program EARTH WATER SKY is curated by Ariane Koek and funded by the Fondation Didier et Martine Primat.



This is an in-person event. Attending the event is free of charge and requires no registration.

The event takes place in lecture hall H0104 located on the ground floor of the main building of the TU Berlin. Keep left after the main entrance until you reach lecture hall H0104 on the righthand side.

About the Venue
Technische Universität Berlin (Room H0104)
Straße des 17. Juni 135
Berlin, 10623 Germany

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