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CARBON13: Setting off a Thousand Climate Ventures

Stefanie reichelt, Jack Williams-Sharkey | Stefanie Reichelt, Michael Langguth, Natalija Stepurko, Koustubh Dube

How scientists can join entrepreneurial action and create de-carbonising ventures to mitigate the climate emergency

From Lab to Venture

Scientists are an important component in alleviating or even overcoming the climate crisis. Their research findings and vast knowledge are often ideally suited to build effective climate tech solutions from scratch. We show examples where scientists have decided to take the entrepreneurial path to really move the needle and hear about adaptation difficulties and new perspectives on business development.

Through Carbon13’s programmes, founders are supported at all stages of the start-up development, from the very beginning of ideas and co-founder teaming, through to pre-seed investment and scale. Unlike traditional accelerators, with Carbon13 each start-up is pushed to achieve our minimum target of emissions mitigation potential of 10 million tonnes of CO2e per year when at scale. Carbon13 brings together a world-class ecosystem of academic and commercial climate tech and carbon experts, partners and investors. It takes a community to build a startup. You’re welcome to join us and our speakers, Carbon13 co-founders and entrepreneurs!


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