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Britische Botschaft, Wissenschaft im Dialog | Sara Hadley, Sonay Sarac, Arne Sönnichsen

How is politics made in space? A House of Commons debate on cooperation and conflict in the cosmos

Discuss with us and celebrate the last day of the Berlin Science Week at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Space is a highly political place. The “race into space” between the USA and the Soviet Union already showed this – and it still holds true. Today, private companies are pushing into space alongside states. Experts speak of a “Space Race 2.0”. Last but not least, space travel is also of great importance for security policy. Satellites are used for espionage, reconnaissance and communication.

But there is also the other side: projects like the International Space Station show that peaceful cooperation across national and ideological borders is possible. In view of current political developments, however, the future of such projects is unclear. For example, the European Space Agency stopped the “ExoMars” cooperation project with Russia in view of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What developments can be expected in space policy in the coming years? Can international research projects survive despite diplomatic crises? And what role can Germany and Great Britain play in space? We will discuss this with experts from politics, social sciences and space travel on 10 November.



This is an in-person event. If you would like to attend, please register here until 3 NOV and bring an ID with you on the day.

About the Venue
British Embassy
Wilhelmstr. 70
Berlin, 10117 Germany

Sara Hadley

University of Hamburg

Sonay Sarac

Deutsche Raumfahrtagentur

Arne Sönnichsen

University of Duisburg-Essen

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