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Teekay Kreissig | Teekay Kreissig

How does AI invent jokes?

Humor is one of the most interesting concepts of the human mind. It has been a field of research in many different sciences, ranging from philosophy, linguistics, psychology to biology and the social sciences. It needs a lot of (practical) intelligence, logic and contextual knowledge to be able to understand or produce a joke.  While behavioral research suggests that intelligent and social animals such as monkeys, dolphins and rats possess a sense of humor, computer scientists have been looking into the logic behind jokes, caricatures and funny mishaps in the real world, aiming to make them computable.
Many LLM have mastered the mechanics of humor in language. Fan Xu, student at the University of Luxemburg, made a first comparison between chatGPT and QianWen the AI tool by Alibaba as part of two lectures taught by TeeKay Kreissig. The comparison between a Chinese and and an English speaking LLM provided interesting insights.


This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week CAMPUS. Admission is free.

Information about the physical accessibility of the Museum für Naturkunde can be found here. The event is taking place in the Collaborative Field. See ‘experimental field’ for exact location on the map.

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