Amirpasha Mobini Tehrani
Amirpasha Mobini Tehrani


Amirpasha Mobini Tehrani


Amirpasha is a visionary music machine learning engineer and computer musician based in Berlin. Having studied „Interdisciplinary Music Studies“ at Berklee College of Music with an unwavering passion for innovation, he immerses himself in the realms of artificial intelligence and algorithmic composition, unlocking captivating and groundbreaking sonic expression possibilities.

His artistic journey draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences spanning electronic, experimental, and contemporary music. Seamlessly blending his self-crafted, state-of- the-art technology with his artistic sensibilities, he creates compositions that transcend traditional boundaries. His music represents a seamless fusion of human creativity and the infinite possibilities offered by machine learning, resulting in captivating and uncharted auditory landscapes.

Amirpasha’s focus lies in the research and development of machine learning solutions and responsive musical systems for science institutions, companies and startups. Through harnessing cutting-edge algorithms and advanced neural networks methodologies, he empowers not only himself but also fellow musicians to interact with music in unprecedented ways. By exploring the potential of artificial intelligence as a creative collaborator, he blurs the lines between human and machine, fostering a harmonious symbiosis where AI and Humans are in dynamic musical interaction.