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Parties: Food, Dance, Shots and…Science?

Soapbox Science Berlin, LGBTQ STEM Berlin | Bengisu Berispek, Manisha Biswas, Laura Boreggio, Nina Grexa, Ulrike Löber, Neher Aseem Parimoo

Start your evening with a scientific look into partying from women* and LGBTQ+ researchers.

TGIF! Grab a drink and join us as we take a closer look at the science behind our favorite social gatherings.

“Parties: food, dance, shots and…science?” is a series of mini talks by women* and LGBTQ+ researchers. We’ll explore topics like the biology behind dancing, raves as psychologically-altering rituals, sustainable partying and much more.

Whether you’re a science enthusiast, an advocate for women* and LGBTQ+ representation in research, or simply looking for a place to consciously start your night of partying, this event welcomes all to engage in interesting dialogue and broaden your understanding of nightlife.

No powerpoints, no lecturing! In this relaxed talk format, our researchers explain their work in just 10 minutes, whilst standing on soapboxes at Holzmarkt outside Säälchen, followed by open time for questions and dialogue.

Our speakers’ topics:

🍻🧠🦠 Booze, Brains & Bacteria

The Gut Party: How does the bacteria in our gut respond when we sip on that cocktail or light up that cigarette? Explore the intricate relationship between your gut microbiome and brain during late-night revelry. Find out how substances like alcohol, nicotine, and drugs impact your microbiome and influence mood, cognition, and overall health.

🌐🤝🎉 Parties as rituals for unity

Ever felt a deep sense of togetherness at a rave? Nightlife rituals have the power to forge profound connections, reshape perceptions and create shared understanding. Discover how virtual reality is being used to study the impact of rituals on our perception.

🕺💃💥 Neuroscience behind Dancing

When we dance, impulses travel from our brain to our muscles. Explore the crucial role of neuromuscular junctions as the interface between brain and muscle. Join us in understanding the mesmerizing science behind those killer moves.

🌍🌟🌃 Climate-neutral clubbing

How much do you know about your partying carbon footprint? Be part of the conversation about shaping a climate-neutral club and nightlife scene. Learn about innovative approaches that fuse excitement with sustainability, envisioning a future where the night shines bright while treading lightly on our planet.

🎉😊🧪 Moody on the Dancefloor: Serotonin at Parties and in Everyday Life

When we party, many different chemicals are released by our brain to make us feel happy and excited, including the famous serotonin. This complex molecule affects our mood, metabolism, behavior, and mental health. Beyond  „the chemical of happiness“, let’s unravel serotonin’s mysteries and better understand our emotions.

💃🌟🕺The Evolution of Dance: A Mirror of Shifting Cultures

Explore how dance styles have evolved, reflecting changes in culture, history, and values. See the connection between dance and our changing world, from the dances of the past to the moves of today‘s nightlife. An insight into how dance has shaped and been shaped by the world we live in.


This is an in-person event. Attending the event is free of charge and requires no registration.

This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week Art & Science FORUM at Holzmarkt and will be held outside next to the Säälchen. The location is wheelchair accessible.

Über den Veranstaltungsort
Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin Germany

Bengisu Berispek


Manisha Biswas

Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University

Neher Aseem Parimoo

Journal of Science, Humanities, and Arts (JOSHA)

Ulrike Löber

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Laura Boreggio

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Nina Grexa

Berlin Institute for Systems Biology at Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

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