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Art & Science FAIR

Berlin Science Week

Take home a piece of science-inspired art!

Would you like to take home a piece of science-inspired art? Join us, for the first time ever, for our one-day-only Art Fair showcasing 25 electrifying artists who will present and sell their work on the nexus of art and science. As a part of the Berlin Science Week ART & SCIENCE FORUM (1 – 10 NOV), organised under the motto „Dare to Know: Creative Science, Precise Art“, they will display work that explores how we can create new ways of understanding the world when we let art and science collide. What can science learn from art, and art from science?

Discover ephemeral jewelry made from bioplastics, colourful drawings that dance around the complex construction of nature, visual explorations of philosophical principles & quantum theory, and artworks that contribute to the fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – to name just a few!

Come meet our artists and artist collectives: Dr Alina Loth, Carolina Puppe, Dana Kirijak, Daniel Samanns, David Berkel, EGDE, Ela Spalding, Gary Erskine, Guoda Treciokaite, Galactic Developments, Heidi Merling, Marek Hope (Kauliflower.print), Maximilian Grünewald, NCCR Spin, Paul van Druck, Pauline Münch, RHEA Kollektiv, Quique del Bianco (COLORO MYSTIC), Rommy Gonzales, Rüdiger Wenk, Skai Moody,  Dr Stefanie Reichelt, und Vanessa Haines-Matos

In the ART & SCIENCE FORUM (1 – 10 NOV), a diverse range of formats will illustrate the unique potential of art-inspired science and science-inspired art – from exhibitions, field trips, and artist talks to panel discussions, Tiny Galleries, workshops, live performances, a one-day Art Fair, and – finally – a one-of-a-kind night-long Club Night to close out Berlin Science Week 2023. Find the full programme here.


This is an in-person event. Attending the event is free of charge and requires no registration.

This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week Art & Science FORUM at Holzmarkt and will be held in the Säälchen. The location is wheelchair accessible.

Über den Veranstaltungsort
Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin Germany

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