Saudia Young


Saudia Young


SaudiaYoung, is a NYC-born singer/songwriter with growling, soul-drenched vocals and a kick-ass ‘Noir Rockabilly Blues’ band. Young and her band mates have been shaking it up with their unique sound, a combination of Rhythm & Blues, Rockabilly & Dark Americana.  Based in Berlin and Europe since 2014, Young and her fellas have played on the streets, in local pubs, weddings, rockabilly festivals, motorcycle clubs, tattoo conventions & rock clubs, including legendary Berlin clubs Wild at Heart, Bassy Cowboy Club, and Road Runners Rock & Motor Club.   “She is an amazing talent with a killer voice. The stage show is ferocious.”

Events with Saudia Young

Sun | Nov 06, 2022 | 01.00 PM - 11.30 PM Berlin Time

Celebrating the Diversity of Science