Peter Mason

National Research Council Canada

Peter Mason


Program Director, Quantum Sensors Challenge Program, NRC Canada


Dr. Peter Mason is a program director for the Internet of Things: Quantum Sensors Challenge program. The program is affiliated with the Security and Disruptive Technologies (SDT) Research Centre and intends to create a new generation of sensors, based on the esoteric properties of quantum mechanics that have performance metrics well beyond those commercially available today.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Mount Allison University and a PhD in physics from McMaster University. Following volunteer work in South American and Indonesia, Peter returned to Mount Allison as a physics professor before joining the NRC on a postdoctoral fellowship, during which he led experiments at the Chalk River National Lab, the National Institute of Standards, Oak Ridge National Lab, and Cornell University’s High Energy Synchrotron Source. In 2002, he joined Defence Research & Development Canada, working his way up to Chief Scientist of the agency before deciding to join SDT. He is the author of more than 70 scientific papers and reports in topics spanning materials science, cyber security, machine learning, network traffic analysis, and algorithms. Peter is an avid mountain bike racer and award-winning community cycling advocate.

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