ATB Potsdam

Marwa Shumo


Insect farming is economical and environmentally sustainable, they are high in protein, and they live on agricultural waste. Dr. Marwa Abdel Hamid Shumo thinks: They are the best weapon to combat hunger. Insects can play a key role in enhancing food security for the following reasons. Insects have short life cycles with high and quick reproduction rates, are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins that are essential for human health. Recent studies revealed that edible insects are of an outstanding protein quality and contain several amino acids such as lysine, threonine and methionine with adequate quantities while such amino acids presence in cereal and legume based diets is limited. Not only for direct human consumption, but insects are also a suitable alternative to traditional livestock feed taking into consideration the fact that poultry, fish and pig industries are the fastest growing agri-business in many developing countries.