Das Institut für transformative Nachhaltigkeitsforschung Potsdam (IASS)

Lorenzo Cremonese


Lorenzo Cremonese is Senior Research Associate in the teams CO2 Utilization strategies and society, and Pathways to sustainable Energy at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS Potsdam). He owns a M.Sc. in Earth Sciences and a PhD in geochemistry from the UCL London awarded in 2012. He joined the IASS in January 2013 and he is mainly engaged with environmental and policy aspects of the energy transition.  He is currently engaged with Techno-Economic and Life-cycle assessments for CO2 utilization technologies (i.e., CCU) within the international CO2nsitent Project, with particular focus on supporting national and European policy actors. Given the interconnection between CCU, PtX technologies and hydrogen production.