Katharin Ahrend


Katharin Arend


Katharin Ahrend is a cultural manager, curator and cultural-political consultant in the field of social justice, urban planning and club culture. At the Clubcommission Berlin, she heads the Awareness & Diversity department, which is structurally concerned with creating the safest and most diverse spaces possible within club culture. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Katharin Ahrend has been an active founding member of the global campaign United We Stream as well as the creative director of the Day Of Club Culture in Berlin. After studying Business Psychology, she completed her Master’s in Cultural Management and has since worked for various cultural projects in Germany and the Middle East as well as for many festivals. Among other things, Katharin was the artistic director of the Artlake Festival and was substantially involved in building up the Feel Festival in Berlin/Brandenburg. Until 2019 she has been responsible for the cultural development and cultural-political representation of the former mint Alte Münze in Berlin. Katharin Ahrend’s cultural work is characterized by her own reflection on structural and social inequalities and the search for cultural strategies to counteract discrimination and exclusion. The goal is always to create spaces and platforms that promote exchange and the dismantling of boundaries and prejudices.

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