Edgar Omweri


Creative Lead, Creatives for Science

Omweri is a creative artist- designer whose work applies graphic design,fine art and set design. He attended the School of Fine Arts at Kenyatta University, and Omweri’s oeuvre encompasses paintings, sculptures, installations and an array of works on paper such as drawings, watercolors and collages. The physical elements of his practice from lead, paint, wood, concrete, and several mediums to practice his creative expressions. By integrating, expanding, and regenerating imagery and techniques, he curates light and aesthetics in a creative way for the consumer. He has worked with several institutions via exhibitions,murals and drama. The projects include solo and collaborative work. At Under the Microscope, Omweri oversees multimedia art projects, he develops innovative ways for scientific-artistic collaborations with the aim of using art to strengthen public science engagement within our communities.