Cecilia Oliveira

Research Institute for Sustainability (RIFS)

Cecilia Oliveira

2023 2022

Head of the transdisciplinary research group “Democratic Governance and Ecopolitical Transformations” (EcoPol) at IASS Potsdam. She is currently working with the EcoPol group on a transdisciplinary case study in the Amazon Basin. Within the Amazon Basin, research areas include rights of nature, environmental crises, indigenous activism, knowledge production, populism, and climate policy development in the context of the Paris Agreement. Another area of interest is science communication, aiming to connect art and politics through dialogue forums, documentaries, podcasts, performances, and lectures.

Events with Cecilia Oliveira

Wed | Nov 08, 2023 | 02.00 PM - 03.30 PM Berlin Time

Narrating for new Narratives – Scientific Podcasts for Sustainability Transformations