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Adina Popescu


Adina Popescu is a pioneer in VR/AR, philosopher, and a creative technologist. She has advised Apple & Conservation International and Paramount Studios as early as 2014 on Virtual Reality, the Metaverse and storytelling, has advised Deutsche Bank and has trained McKinsey consultants on VR/AR. Over time she started publishing extensively on data privacy in a growing digitally connected world, based on her experiences in VR, real time data and digital twinning with a growing concern for privacy and human rights infringements. As a public speaker at the Energy Transition Dialogue, UNESCO and GEZ she advocated for decentralised digital frameworks and has advised the German Government on privacy preserving protocols. Adina is the Founder of ÆRTH: a decentralised environmental data lake that aims to simulate regeneration solutions for our planet – open sourced and distributed. Scientists, citizens, nationstates, industry and NGO´s will be equally able to access the same standardized environmental health models – with the goal of scaling solutions and aligning the flow of funds visibly.

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Fri | Nov 04, 2022 | 07.30 PM - 09.00 PM Berlin Time

RETHINKING Humans and Machines