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Why Behaviour?

Cluster of Excellence – Science of Intelligence | Fritz Francisco

Why we behave the way we do.

From French photographers, Austrian naturalists and English adventurers – all have been equally fascinated by the way we are affected by, and interact with our surroundings. It is the intricate interplay between self and others, known and unknown, present and future that makes behaviour so hard to grasp and exciting to study. Ethology, the study of animal behaviour tackled this for ages. However, it has recently undergone a change, with digital assistance, such as cameras, as well as computers and their algorithms. Yet, the underlying object of interest – behaviour – has not changed! Here, I discuss what behaviour actually is and wish to make us see our own behaviour in a slightly different light.


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Fritz Francisco


A biologist by training, Fritz has previously worked on various aquatic animal systems, both in the field and in controlled laboratory environments, to better understand the mechanisms governing social interactions. Now he has joined the interdisciplinary cluster Science of Intelligence as part of the project on Dynamical Collective Adaptation & Learning to elucidate on the fact that animals are capable of continuously adapting to changing environments and novel situations.

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