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Decision Theatre: Vector

Bentley Crudgington

Help future proof our practice by participating in our Public Ethical Board. An Interactive experience to explore the use of animals in medical research.

Welcomed to Biocore, the ethical pharmaceutical company!

We are keen to involve the public in all of our research pathways. Thank you for agreeing to participate in one of our unique public ethical review boards.

New to ethical review? Don’t worry! Working as part of a team and against rival labs, you will be guided by our Artificial Intelligence System to future proof our vaccine development pipeline by deciding on the most effective and ethical research model.

Vector is an interactive theatrical experience and uses elements of performance, gameplay and integrated technology to allow participants to make decisions and react to their consequences, in an expanding narrative that explores the ethics that society faces when using animals as part of medical research.


This is a digital event. If you would like to attend, please book your spot here. Access to the event will be provided after registration by the organiser.

Bentley Crudgington

The Animal Research Nexus

Creative Facilitator

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Wed | Nov 03, 2021 | 08.00 PM - 09.00 PM Berlin Time

Decision Theatre: Vector

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