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++Cancelled++ Real or Fake? A Science Show for the Critical Thinking.

BesserWissen e.V. | Luiza Bengtsson

Scientists present hot research topics with real and alternative facts in a novel science entertainment format: The Real-or-Fake-Show.

In times of real and self-proclaimed experts – how does one know how to distinguish between the alternative facts and the truth? How can we train a critical awareness of the manipulability of scientific results without preaching?

Answer: Playfully. You trick your audience deliberately, but only sometimes.

In the interactive, scientific Real or Fake-Show, scientists present exciting topics from their fields of expertise in genetics, geoscience, medicine etc. enticing the audience to be enlightened or tricked. They either present fact-based stories that may sound too bizarre to be believed, or they deliberately trick the audience with their cheeky but melodious false reports. The critical audience discusses, votes on the credibility and is then surprised by the resolution. Whether one is inspired by current research topics and the job description “scientist”, or whether one is practicing to recognize a swindle – in the end everyone comes out a bit more factual.



Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled. For more information about Besserwissen e.V. and future events check out their website here.

Luiza Bengtsson

BesserWissen e.V.

Dr. Luiza Bengtsson, PhD in Biochemistry in 2002, studied & researched chemistry and humanities in Sweden, Germany and USA. In 2011, she went from life sciences research uncovering communication channels in cells to creating new channels for dialog between science and society. She now organizes science popularization events, trains high school teachers in science and researchers in Open Science and produces art-science and citizen science collaborations as well as the ORION Open Science podcast. In 2017, Luiza co-founded the BesserWissen e.V., an association for promoting critical thinking.

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