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Giving Robots T-Rex-Inspired Eyes

Cluster of Excellence – Science of Intelligence | Guillermo Gallego

Giving robots more T-Rex inspired eyes

Ever heard of neuromorphic cameras? They are  bio-inspired sensors that mimick the transient visual pathway.

These cameras do not acquire pictures or full images as a normal video camera. Instead, they sense only intensity changes at every pixel as they occur with microsecond resolution (called “events” or “spikes”). These cameras offer many advantages compared to traditional image-based cameras, such as high speed, a very high dynamic range, and low power consumption, and are slowly finding their way into computer vision and robotics applications.

Come to learn more about these novel cameras!


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Guillermo Gallego

Science of Intelligence

Guillermo Gallego works on computer vision and robotics. He focuses on robot perception and on optimization methods for interdisciplinary imaging and control problems. Inspired by the human visual system, he works toward improving the perception systems of artificial agents, endowing them with intelligence to transform raw sensor data into knowledge, to provide autonomy in changing environments.

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