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Advancing Public Science Engagement through Arts, culture & technology

Under the Microscope | Brian Afande, Asher Jay, Jessica Hagan, Gift Kyansimire, Sheldon Mutei, Stephanie Okeyo

Creatives For Science

Arts and Science are often regarded as different fields with no interplay between disciplines. However, there exists a rich interaction between the two that needs to be explored. Some of these interactions include scientific communication and how to utilize diverse artistic formats and emerging technologies to promote public science engagement. In the field of science, there is a huge unmet demand in communicating complex ideas effectively to the general public. In addition to  promoting public science engagement that is creative and inclusive.

During this session we will have a panel discussion and presentations. The panel seeks to catalyze conversation  on the avenues that exist for artists and scientists to build synergies so as to promote an inclusive public engagement and; advance science and innovation. The presentations will be by creatives who have worked within science education, communication and engagement;  they will  share their experiences , lessons learnt and  best practices.



This is a digital event. If you would like to attend the Zoom session, please book your spot here. Access to the event will be provided after registration by the organiser.

Brian Afande


– Panel Speaker

Brian Afande is the Co-founder and Managing Director of BlackRhino VR, an award winning Kenyan based Extended Reality (XR) agency; they specialize in creating bespoke Virtual & Augmented Reality content and solutions that are adaptable and relevant to the African market with a global appeal. As an early African XR adopter, Brian holds a peculiar vision of designing, democratizing and demystifying what Extended Reality (XR) and new emerging technologies will look like and how they will impact communities. He believes that democratizing access to these technologies is a key ingredient to building awareness around the potential of what the youth in Africa can achieve. Through creating synergies,partnerships and collaborations Brian aims to equip the African youth to be the XR innovators and inventors of the future.

Asher Jay


-Panel Speaker

Asher is the founder and CEO of Hive and Hamlet, a C-Corp focused on offering an innovative SAAS ecosystem of accountability and transparency that brings to market new ways of thinking and behaving at the intersection of consumerism, conservation, charitable giving, gaming, community and storytelling. National Geographic explorer turned entrepreneur and key advisor to a Venture Capital Growth Fund focused on Saas, AI, Smart farming and aquaculture, and renewables, is an international adventurer and public figure whose career arc has taken her from fashion designing on Seventh Avenue to campaigning against blood ivory on it’s Billboards. Jay’s work has contributed to raising consumer awareness and empowering citizen action. From business to design, Jay’s efforts have always pushed the boundaries on and explored technology as the final frontier to promote access and address inequity. Jay and her team aim to foster an inclusive, cyclical paradigm that takes humanity out of its exploitative, deficit-causing expression and into models of mutualism.

Jessica Hagan


-Panel Speaker

Jessica Hagan is Africa No Filter’s Program Lead on grantmaking within the Arts & Culture space. Jessica has firm knowledge on Africa’s booming creative Industries and has over the years developed a database of creative practitioners, organizations and funders who contribute to this ecosystem. Through her previous role as Arts Project Manager for British Council Ghana & West Africa, Jessica is able use her on the ground Grant & Funding experience to develop and expand on ANF’s grantmaking strategy to ensure we are supporting and propelling groundbreaking narrative changemakers on the continent. She is also responsible for finding and connecting with new creative stakeholders to add our community. Jessica is also a multiple award-winning playwright and screenwriter.

Gift Kyansimire

Inkspace Bureau


Gift Kyansimire is an illustrator, writer and filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s passionate about telling everyday African urban stories that are accessible to the common audiences. He’s been able to work on projects for Nokia, Astrea Foundation, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and many more. Gift currently leads Inkspace Bureau in Nairobi, Kenya. A boutique art studio that deals in illustration, animation and film.

Sheldon Mutei



Sheldon Mutei is a fine artist with a passion for human development. He is the co-founder of Inkspace Bureau, a boutique art studio that does fine-art, animation, illustrations, graphic design and publications, with the aim of showcasing art and creativity in its purest form. He is a stop-motion animator, among the few in Kenya, his country of origin. His craft has awarded him recognition by winning several competitions among them being, Kenya Mobile film competition and the Africa Animation film festival. Sheldon works with young adults by involving several of them in projects he does while meeting seven of them once a month and taking them through a mentorship program facilitated by Lifelead which he is a key partner. His mission is to promote change in people’s lives through art.

Stephanie Okeyo


– Moderator

Stephanie Okeyo is a Microbiologist and Science Communicator. She is the founder of Under the Microscope (UtM), a non-profit organization advancing science and innovation infrastructure in Africa by leveraging Education, Societal engagement and Research.UtM initiated Creatives For Science ; a community at the core of building an inclusive and diverse science communication and engagement landscape.Some of Stephanie’s previous professional roles include being the Ambassador of Women in Science, East Africa and the Representative to the United Nations office, Geneva at the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT). She is a council member of the Female Genital Mutilation to STEM initiative and an advisory board member of AfricArXiv. In 2019, during the Africa Science Week she was listed as one of Under 30: Breaking Barriers Women in STEM and is a 2021 Zuri STEM category nominee. Stephanie is passionate about empowering young girls and being a voice for gender equality in Science and Technology. Through her work at Under the Microscope, Stephanie is committed to providing collective leadership to drive UtM’s mission and to building an African scientific landscape that transforms lives and provides equal opportunities and benefits for every human being.

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