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3D printing: Applications in Medicine and in Hospitals

CONFIRM CENTRE | Leonard O Sullivan

Join Professor Leonard O Sullivan (University of Limerick, Ireland) for this talk on the state-of-the-art applications of 3D printing in medicine & hospitals

3d printing, also termed additive manufacturing, involves digitally printing three-dimensional shapes. The traditional way of making things is to subtractively remove material to arrive at a shape, through for example milling parts. 3D printing has been around for some time, but the original patents recently expired which then gave rise to a great expansion in the development of new technology and materials.

This technology is now used across almost all industries in one way or another. Sample industries include aviation, automotive, energy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, services, among many others. Healthcare and medicine has experience an exponential rise in the application of this technology.

In this presentation we will hear of the variety of applications of 3d printing in medicine, from the use of MRI scans of the body to create 3d models of organs which can then be printed, through to the printing of bespoke medical devices to treat patients which specific medical care needs.  These advance in 3D printing in medicine, coupled with the widespread and increased adoption of this technology in the manufacturing industry, has brought with it the concept of Point of Care (POC) manufacturing of medical devices in hospitals. This will transform the medical device industry, in particular in how treatments can be customised for patients.



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