For those wishing to set their foot in the world of academia, the next step after a PhD degree is moving to PostDoc. Highly skilled and versatile, a role of a PostDoc professional can include everything from working in the lab to teaching university courses or mentoring students. PostDoc tenure also allows more freedom to concentrate on the research, making it a perfect time for exciting scientific breakthroughs. Although playing a key role in producing valuable scientific knowledge, PostDocs have to deal with performance pressure and short-term working contract that contribute to the uncertainty for career-seekers in the field.

In this Deep Dive video Anne Merks, Science Manager at the MDC Berlin, and Jeremy Morgan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at FMP Berlin, tell about their first memories of science, why patience is essential for researchers and what was the best advice they received for their scientific careers.

The Deep Dive glances ahead to “Berlin PostDoc Day 2021” on 4 NOV 2021 at 9.00am, which is also part of Berlin Science Week!