What needs to be done?

Rapidly evolving digital technology and data science have started to transform our lifestyles. In the context of our health, they have been partially successful in promoting our biological health, so that we might live on to beyond 100 years old. Advanced technologies have enabled us to predict disease onsets early, meaning that there is room to take action and modify lifestyles to postpone or escape from diseases on an individual basis. But are we happy with what we have achieved already?

Definitely not! We would like to have the technologies as unobtrusive as possible, and to have them not interrupting our lives. We would like to have digital health technologies to support our lives, thus staying not only clinically healthy but also vital and actively participating in society.

In this seminar future perspectives of how digital technology can improve our lives were discussed. The event was part of Berlin Science 2021 and organised by the Tohoku University.