What is Open Science and why does it matter, especially in the face of major challenges like the pandemic?
In our next Deep Dive video, Stephanie Dawson, CEO of the web platform ScienceOpen discusses the potential of open access research and how it contributes to science collaboration worldwide.

Scientists have been sharing their research since the beginning of times. The advent of the Internet and the open access movement shifted this tradition from print to online and made reviewing and publishing process faster and more collaborative. Sharing research and opening it to peer review online has contributed greatly to the progress of Covid-19 research. Not only has it demonstrated the value of open collaboration in science in real time, but it has also shown that the benefits of an opening of the scientific knowledge process reach far beyond the scientific community.

The Deep Dive with Stephanie Dawson glances ahead to the ScienceOpen event “What has the pandemic taught us about ‘Open Science’?” at Berlin Science Week 2021. Keep your eyes peeled when the full programme is released on 30 SEP 2021!

How can we explore new ways to open up information for the scholarly community and provide context building services for publishers that bring researchers closer to the content? ScienceOpen is a freely accessible discovery platform with interactive features for scholars to enhance their research in the open, make an impact, and receive credit for it.