The development of a quantum computer is one of the main issues of the entire technological world. A quantum computer will make it possible to synthesize new materials and medications, as well as to model complex molecules and solve optimization problems that are now inaccessible to the most powerful computers. The first confident results have already been demonstrated by nations and individual corporations as well. Nevertheless, the road to a full-fledged quantum computer capable of multitasking is just beginning.

What challenges of the global scale, which can be solved by a quantum computer, will nations work on in a consolidated way? And what are the challenges and priorities for individual countries?

These and further questions were discussed by Ruslan Yunusov (Rosatom), Tommaso Calarco (University of Cologne), Daniel Loss (University of Basel) and Christian Beilmann (Helmholtz Association).

This event was part of Berlin Science 2021 and organised by the National Quantum Laboratory.