All life known to us is based on the function of proteins. The complex interactions of these small “all-rounders” on the scale of nanometers still holds a lot of secrets. Biologists, chemists and physicists of the collaborative research center CRC 1078 in Berlin are keen to unravel these secrets and investigate the functioning of proteins by experimental and computational measures.

Young scientists of the integrated graduate school of the CRC 1078 work with five model proteins to identify how proton dynamics control protein function: photosystem for energy generation in plants, cytochrome c oxidase in the power plants of our cells, channelrhodopsins to generate light-induced neuronal activity and viroporins that allow viruses to invade the human body.

In this hybrid event, these model proteins as well as selected experiments and techniques that make the in-visible visible were presented.

This event was part of Berlin Science 2021 and organised by SFB 1078 IGK | FU Berlin.