It was “Legged!” at the Museum für Naturkunde. The new show of the scientific variety show Glitzern & Denken is dedicated to the most species-rich class of animals on our planet: insects. As different as they may look, they have a lot in common. The museum’s collection itself includes 15 million insects, so you can learn some new and bizarre things about butterflies, beetles, bees and many other insects.

Glitzern & Denken combines art with science and underground with high culture – music, artistry and stories enter into a creative dialogue with science. In the project, unlike in many other artistic-scientific formats, science is consciously the junior partner – this makes a new and diverse way of speaking about science possible. In the museum’s Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science, a space is thus created in which people from different backgrounds talk about science at eye level. At the center: fascination and curiosity for nature.

The project „Glitzern & Denken – das Wissenschaftsvarieté im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin” opens a new kind of dialogue between culture, science and society. Project partners are the Ensemble Salon Fähig and Wissenschaft im Dialog.

The event was part of Berlin Science Week 2021 and hosted by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.