What can humans learn from fish and their swarm behaviour?
David Bierbach from Science of Intelligence is introducing a unique and extremely social robotic fish – the ROBOFISH – in our new Deep Dive video format. The fish helps unravel the collective patterns of animal groups and provides insights that could also aid in understanding human ‘swarms’ and may be transferred to automated technologies like drones or self-driving cars.

The Deep Dive with David Bierbach glances ahead to SCIoI’s event at Berlin Science Week 2021. Keep your eyes peeled when the full programme is released on 30 September!

What are the principles of intelligence, shared by all forms of intelligence, no matter whether artificial or biological, whether robot, computer program, human, or animal? And how can we apply these principles to create intelligent technology? Answering these questions – in an ethically responsible way – is the central scientific objective of the Cluster Science of Intelligence (SCIoI).