Come and wander around Museo del Hongo’s magical digital forest and discover the mysteries of the Fungi Kingdom through digital artworks from their archive.

Digital platforms have gained enormous value over the last two years, namely because of confinement and social restrictions brought by the pandemic. However, the way in which we encounter and interact on digital platforms is yet to be explored. The initial formats such as video and conferences have quickly exhausted their possibilities, and the search for intimacy and affection in digitality pushes us to develop hybrid spaces in which we are able to share knowledge and information without excluding our humanity. In Museo del Hongo’s digital exhibition “GIRA” (2021) a forest, a fungus, the cycles of day and night come into play to present innovative alternatives to both archiving information –in this case, artworks for scientific engagement– by appealing to the senses and creating an emotional attachment to the experience, also making it accessible to audiences with diverse necessities.

For Berlin Science Week 2021, Juan Ferrer (director of Museo del Hongo), together with the digital artists Natalia Cabrera and Javier Garay Mena gave a tour of the exhibition revealing the details on how the space was conceived and the infinite possibilities these new tools represent for scientific engagement through the arts.

This project was originally funded by Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología, Conocimiento e Innovación of Chile.