Asher Jay


-Panel Speaker

Asher is the founder and CEO of Hive and Hamlet, a C-Corp focused on offering an innovative SAAS ecosystem of accountability and transparency that brings to market new ways of thinking and behaving at the intersection of consumerism, conservation, charitable giving, gaming, community and storytelling. National Geographic explorer turned entrepreneur and key advisor to a Venture Capital Growth Fund focused on Saas, AI, Smart farming and aquaculture, and renewables, is an international adventurer and public figure whose career arc has taken her from fashion designing on Seventh Avenue to campaigning against blood ivory on it’s Billboards. Jay’s work has contributed to raising consumer awareness and empowering citizen action. From business to design, Jay’s efforts have always pushed the boundaries on and explored technology as the final frontier to promote access and address inequity. Jay and her team aim to foster an inclusive, cyclical paradigm that takes humanity out of its exploitative, deficit-causing expression and into models of mutualism.

Events with Asher Jay

Do | Nov 04, 2021 | 14.00 - 15.30 Berlin Time

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